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One of our trainers and collaborators Andre Rush better known as Chef Rush, but let's introduce him with his own words: "I'm here to help millions but not without you! Mental, physical, emotional.

Military was my foundation and people are my structure. Cooking saved my life!

The gym made me unstoppable and you all give me a reason everyday.
Never stop! Never waiver! Never give up!"

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Sharyn is an accomplished fitness professional, having maintained and taught over 25 fitness certifications and fitness formats over a 20-year career, alongside the experiences gained within her B.S degree in Exercise & Health Promotion from Virginia Tech.
The latest extension of her brand includes the exclusive 200 Hour RYT Yoga certification, as she works to connect her clients with a mindfulness approach to fitness and wellness that is soul based.
She looks forward to helping you reach your fitness goals that encompass all 7 degrees of wellness while loving AND living your best life!




Sherman Mathis is a Certified Personal Trainer, Competition Prep Coach, and Nutritionist.
He is a strength, conditioning, and holistic coach as well.  Sherman is a successful NGA, IFPA Pro Body Builder, and a USPA National Record-breaking Powerlifter. 
He is also a book author and motivational speaker. He enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.   
Sherman’s goal is to help people all over the world achieve longevity by taking steps to live a healthy lifestyle.  His belief is that once you set your mind on a goal, visualize the end result, your results are soon to follow. 

  “Change your health.  Change your lifestyle.  Become great”. –Sherman M
He is available for bookings for health consultations, motivational speeches, and online coaching.
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Nate is an accredited personal trainer from the UK. 

I have worked in the industry for almost 10 years, during which I have amassed experience as an athlete and personal trainer. I possess a wide variety of skills in both fitness and sports performance. I am committed to assisting and helping clients achieve their unique fitness goals by encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Being a fitness expert I enjoy being creative and teaching all kinds of group fitness classes.

I am passionate about nutrition and enhancing the quality of the lives of my clients.

Fitness has always been a central component of my life, central to my health and wellbeing.

will continue to remain dedicated to helping people meet their fitness and lifestyle goals by utilizing my expertise and experiences.
Specialist areas include:

  • Muay Thai / Boxing
  • Kettlebells
  • Strength  training
  • Functional training
  • Animal flow //////  ////// +971 (0) 551766311 



Ayesha has built an excellent reputation as an Athletic and rehabilitative trainer, working with individuals of all ages focusing on and treating a range of conditions and educating her clients through training.

Her Experience has allowed her to work with individuals aged 12 - 60+. assisting clients with weight-loss, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and corrective exercises. 

Treated a broad range of injuries through exercise, injuries such as knee injuries, lower back, hip injuries and shoulder injuries both acute and chronic ensuring that her client's injury site returns to a fully functional state. 

She is now located in Kuwait. 

Exercise specialist  &  Athletic trainer Injury prevention  -  Strength and conditioning  -  Rehabilitative exercises  -  Sports massage (deep tissue/ trigger point release)  

    Her use of techniques and procedures including: Strength and conditioning  -  Functional activities  -  Sports/activity specific exercises and training  -  Kinesio taping / bracing (taping for stability)  -  Muscle reconditioning  -  Proprioceptive training  -  Electric muscle stimulation to facilitate the strengthening of weak muscle imbalances  

    She also runs an online tmobile based  personal training application to educate and track your training.  Where you can access your work outs anytime. Anywhere, track stats and follow workouts with instructional videos right on your smartphone.

    Get motivated and see results.
    No matter what your goals are, we have a way to get you there.

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    Jeff Hyacinthe is a personal trainer that encourage, motivate, and energize clients to help them reach their goals. It is important to have fun during your workout and feel good about yourself while taking care of your body. 

    "I like to keep  variety in my personal training workout by incorporating different forms of exercises, using different types of equipment. I focus on exercise or promote awareness (mind-body connection), flexibility, strength, stability, stamina, balance and alignment. I assist the client in breaking down their goals into manageable steps. As they take those steps I hope they bring awareness into the journey."

    Accomplishments. 500hr Diploma from the NPTI Orlando. Coached international members of the Armed forces. Coached equipment free bootcamps for NorthFace in DC.

     Education | Certification:

    • National Personal Training Institute 500hr Diploma
    • National Academy of Sport Medicine
    • Crossfit Level 1 trainer
    • Speedblast and Osteoblast Certified
    • Functional Movements
    • BootCamp
    • Military 
    • Mountain Athletics
    Email direct:



    Greg is a dedicated and committed Fitness Trainer who focuses on lifelong-learning and works towards enhancing the well-being of his clients to empower them with knowledge, support and resources.
    He takes the training and values obtained in combat to motivate, drive, and educate the clients to not only perform better in the gym but continue to perform at high levels on their own.

    Functional training * Body Pump * TRX * Crossfit * PT Coach * Nutritionist * Swimming Coach * Bodybuilding Coach * Medicine First Aid * Stretching *

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    Education/ Certification:

    •  National University of Physical Education and Sport
    • Fitness Instructor
    • Fitness Nutritionist
    •  Armed Forces Marine
    • Paramedic  and First Aid


    Contact Direct at 



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